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What's Ahead for Alabaster Photo

I'm constantly trying to learn. That's not an easy task with two littles who are three and one. I am not afraid to fail...often. I love to try new things and see what happens. I also love to jump off cliffs (metaphorically speaking) and see where I land without really thinking it fully through. When I started Alabaster up, again, it was not with intention of starting a business, again. I really wanted to meet new people and create beautiful images while working through some pain and grief that I needed to deal with. I needed an outlet. Again, not easy for any mother. I am gobsmacked with where I am now with all of this, seeing as how I started by simply putting out there on social media that I would like to offer free family photos.

Now I get to plan ahead and dream of where I would like to take this dream of mine. I am currently working on getting a 'Qualified Newborn Photographer' qualification from APNPI. I completed their online newborn safety course. Please if you are considering newborn photography as a genre, do this online course! I am also planning in the next year or two to submit for PPA qualifications. This is all behind the scenes for professional development so I can try to bring the images I see in my head to life and create/capture your memories.

On the marketing side of things, I am creating a Mama Rep Program. The is a private Facebook group and photo freebies throughout the year in exchange for marketing with and for me. I am also going to bring back Portrait Parties. What is this you ask?? It's like a Tupperware/chocolate/book party BUT for Portraits!!

A hostess will book four guests (families/friends/etc. ages 6 months and up) and receive their

session free and the digital downloads from that session on the party day for free. This will change and evolve as I create the program. The party can be booked where you would like.

I am also working still on providing products for clients to purchase. This is an ongoing process as the markets change. I want to take the hassle of ordering products out of your hands and be able to guarantee print and product quality. I would love to know what clients are looking for. Please let me know!

A client closet for Maternity sessions and newborns is in the works. And I am looking for some people locally who create felt lovies.

That seems to be just the tip of the iceberg for me. I have so many hours in a day but so much I keep wanting to do. Looking forward to creating with and for you!

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