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So you want to have a photography business?

Updated: Jan 31

Yes, Yes I do. So I get my camera out, build a website, get a Facebook page, buy some business cards and proclaim I am a professional photographer. Yep. Come to me clients, come to me. That's basically how I have been doing photography for 20 years. I have learned a lot. Technology has changed a lot. My LIFE has changed a lot. I even had a brick-and-mortar studio at one point thinking that's all I needed.

Even now, I am still learning every single day. Seriously I go down a different rabbit hole every day. I am serious about doing this and I know I will fall down a lot. I have always said the most important thing is getting back up. So I am laying the foundation. One of those foundations is figuring out pricing. This is a HUGE topic for photographers. And seriously, in every forum, I see that it seems every photographer is scared of charging higher prices and not getting clients. Me included! It all seems to be wrapped up in my worth, but is it really? I think it's simple math.

I want to do photography because I LOVE IT. I am a 'creative'. I don't like to do things in straight lines and I love to break the rules (not the law mind you the social rules, the 'this is the way you have to do it' rules). I also like to learn and have new equipment and a profitable business that I can maybe pass on to my children if they want. Let me be clear that I have yet to have a paid client this year. Tips yes, paid like profit paid, nope. I am hoping to, #goals right??

The reality is no one knows me here yet. My name is not known. Just because I throw up a website and say here I am does not mean anyone hears or sees me. So what's next. Marketing...and this I do love. I actually wanted to go to college for this. That's not what I wanted this post to be about though. Maybe a future post.

Pricing and the system I am using to figure out my pricing is the point. I have recenty purchased "The Simple Sales System' and am working through setting up my business. The first of which is figuring out what I think this business will cost. Here is an example list for anyone who may not know what goes into a photography business:

Camera/Lighting Equipment


Computer Equipment

Equipment repairs/maintenance

Equipment/Space rental costs

Legal Costs


Business licenses/permits

Professional licenses

Website/hosting fees

Association.Orgnaziation Costs

Accounting Costs

Marketing/Advertising Costs


Office Supplies

Bank Fees

Software Services

Marketing Materials

Editing software

This isn't exhaustive! Then there is the time to get that all in place and automated (if possible). That isn't even just taking the amazing photos that I know I can take. I also want to offer amazing customer service. And really it's a giant rabbit hole that photographers really don't discuss. We buy one thing then realize we need two more and so on until it multiplies and we realize we're not making any money, we're burnt out, and we just wanted to take pictures. Sigh.

I am not complaining. I love all this stuff. I graduated from UW Stout with a Bachelors's in Business Administration. What I have a hard time with is not being able to have already arrived and have it already done. So that's what this year is. Every day, down one rabbit hole of my business. Hopefully, it will grow and become something. I have to do the work. If you're still reading this...pass my name along when you see or hear someone say 'Whos a photographer for ...?"

P.S. I will be Launching my Collection Prices and Products on March 1st to stay tuned!

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