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Updated: Jan 31

It's Senior Photos Season (and the weather is finally cooperating!)

Welcome to the beginning of adulthood. It seems scary, this magical time between one major milestone of graduating high school and starting the next of moving out and creating your own life. Trust me. I have been there! Looking back now, I wish I could go back and just savor those moments for a few minutes more. You studied, you tested, you worked hard for years, and the time is officially here!

Have fun. Seriously, don’t stress about what to wear, what to do, or where to go for your session. Think about how great it will be to express yourself and show off in front of a camera. You’re young and hip, right? Embrace it, and be you.

Choose a photographer you mesh with, and the rest is history. Being comfortable with someone taking your photographs will help ease your nerves. You will spend part of the day with this person, so you want to make sure it will be enjoyable. Ask them questions, and they should return questions and answers back to you. They need to be interested in you because this session is all about you!

Ask to see a photographer’s portfolio and work. Each photographer has their own unique style. Make sure it flows with your personality, and that their images get you excited! Don’t write off a photographer who has only been in business for a few years, though. You would be surprised how many clients one person can take on in just one year! Besides, it is nice to have a modern look at creative ideas.

Don’t overthink it. I know it may seem overwhelming. This time of your life goes by quickly and in a blur. You are thinking that you want your hair perfect, your outfit perfect, your images to pop out, but you can’t bombard yourself. As long as you are having a good time and laughing, your portraits will turn out amazing.

Making Your Senior Session Stand Out From The Rest

You have been Pinteresting what seems like forever now looking for ways to stand out from other seniors uniquely. You find yourself running out of ideas and continuously searching for something that makes you different. Honestly, it is not as easy as you would think it is! Your senior session should be a reflection of who you are. I would love to share some information to help give you ideas of what you can do!

Something You Love Doing

Try incorporating a skill, sport, hobby, or passion into your session. No matter where the future takes you, an image that shows what you love doing pauses this time in history. I have captured sessions of a senior riding her barrel racing horse, another guy in his wrestling gear, and another who loves the ocean and thought it would be grand to have shots taken while paddle boarding.


We all have our preferences. The site of where we shoot can be essential and should go along with your personal style and personality. Do you want to shoot by a creek, tall grass field, urban setting, or indoors?

Bring Props

Again, I want to showcase you in your natural element and your personality! Wear a uniform, bring a furry friend or a vehicle you have put some major work into. Think outside the box because the options are endless!

Be Fashionable

Diversify your shots. I allow you (insert number here) outfit changes. We can get the standard shots, but let's use some of those changes to let your personality shine via your outfit. Be the best version of yourself, be extra!

Move Your Body

Get away from just posing! Let's catch you in action and work on being in the moment for more natural photos. Of course, we will do structured poses as well, but seeing you do your thing will make great shots for you to share with family and friends.

Endearing Photos

This one can be tough. I have worked with several seniors who have older relatives (grandparents, aunts, uncles) that they have asked to come along for their shoot. Getting a shot with them while you are in your senior repertoire creates a great photo along with memories that last forever.

Now that you have a few nifty ideas, I can’t wait to see what you decide on doing. Your senior session will be a lot of fun, and one day, you will reminisce on these special times of young adulthood. Remember, be yourself! Everyone else is already taken.

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