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Forward Motion!

Updated: Mar 2

I turned 40 this last March. That will not be the focus of this post. I am excited though that it's a little like starting over. A fresh decade, not yet written. That being said part of what I am looking forward to is this dream of business building.

Starting a business is tough. I hear this all the time (and I also know this from experience). And I read so very often how many people start in photography specifically only to feel burnt out and frustrated a year later because all their dreams seem to be light-years away. Plus art, which photography is, is so very subjective. Not to mention personal. As a creative, I put a lot of myself into images. I want to help you create your vision, but ultimately, if you are requesting me as your photographer, you like my style.

'My style' is ever-changing and growing as I learn and grow and age. Even looking at my images from four months ago, my style is evolving. I am learning to own my style and to create what I want. I hope you continue to watch and enjoy the journey.

One note as I move forward is I have found a photographer who shares my passion for helping other creatives and giving what she has learned without hesitation. I am so excited to be able to rent her studio space from time to time. I aim to reach her level of photography giftedness (AND also have a studio space like hers!).

Please check her out. Her style is amazing, beautiful, and graceful. I highly recommend you experience a session with her!

Joey Monson-Lillie (click her name to check out her work!)

The images on this page are all by her! I can't wait to learn more from her and am so thankful to have found her.

If you are interested in booking a studio session, please contact me here.

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