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If you are wondering where to have your photoshoot taken, here are a few of my go-to spots!

Drive around and check them out.

Maybe you'll find a new spot that I can add.


  • Freedom Fields. This is one of my top faves! An amazing grassy path next to a creek. It's gorgeous any time of year. I am always inspired there.

  • Heritage Center. Historic buildings, a barn, and a bridge? Yes, please!

  • Sather Nature Center. A rustic walk in the woods or a walk along the creek will create amazing backgrounds for your images.

  • Downtown New Richmond. The variety of the buildings provide will benefit your images. This will bring a retro, city-like effect to your portraits!

  • Paperjack Nature Way. A beautiful walking path with a bridge and lovely natural scenery.

  • Mary Park. Walk the downtown streets and a river walk if there is one. I love the trees and the river walk here. This is beautiful for sentimental photos!

  • River Island Park. A gorgeous rolling river walk with huge climbing trees and a bridge.

  • Basket of Flowers Farm. Photos can be taken here for $25 per half hour, $40 per hour $140 for 4 hours, and $260 for 8 hours. They do only allow on-the-farm sessions with our flower truck.Their website: Basket of Flowers of Farm

  • The comfort of your own home.

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