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About Me


Hello, my name is Mandie, and I can’t wait to get to know you! I am the owner and principal photographer at Alabaster Photos. 


Just like you, I have a lot of roles in my day-to-day life. From parenting my kids to trying to get a little R & R, the to-do list is always too long. My happy place is at the park with my family (with two kids under three years old, the park is where it’s at!). I love my family, but my greatest passion is undoubtedly photography.


I guess you could say photography is in my genes. My grandmother was an amazing photographer and inspired me to pick up a camera and begin my photography journey over 20 years ago.


One of my first jobs in photography was working in a mall photography studio. (Oh man, the mall! I’m really showing my age!) Even though it was an overwhelming learning curve, I absolutely loved it. As I honed my skills over the years, I recognized that capturing people in photos was my love language and lit me up inside. It’s the best part of my job!


After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at UW-Stout, my entrepreneurial drive kicked in. And even though I had a lot of ideas for a business, my heart always circled back to photography. 


The values of Alabaster Photos are integrity, passion, and fun! That means that when I tell you I’m going to do something, I do it. It means it brings me such joy to capture your family, your life stages, and your passion. And it means that when you are in front of MY camera, we are going to laugh and have fun as I get to know you and capture what makes YOU light up inside.

New Richmond, WI

Tel: 715-309-8854

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